Building relationships

Ask us how we can help your organization become good citizens in our cloud connected community!

Growing stronger relationships

Our mission is to grow stronger relationships throughout our community using cloud computing and cloud security training and awareness. No matter your level of experience or background you're able to contribute as a good citizen in our cloud connected community. We provide programs and resources for organizations of all types to become active cloud security contributors, including

  • Corporations and businesses
  • Non governmental organizations and not for profits
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Religious organizations and churches
  • Municipal and county governments


Annual cloud security conference sponsored by Cloud Security Alliance, Fort Wayne Chapter

Hacker Camp

Hacking camps offered to area students designed to teach fundamentals of cybersecurity

Security Awareness Training

Free online training for small and midsize businesses in our community for employee safe computing

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

The cybersecurity industry faces enormous challenges to fill a shortage in skilled individuals willing to bring their passion and unique background and experience to our field. We at Cloud Security Alliance, Fort Wayne Chapter are committed to a policy of inclusion for people of all kinds of those diverse backgrounds and experiences. We fully acknowledge and embrace the fact that our community is better when we include more people and their ideas.

We work closely with many organizations such as the National Diversity Council, the Human Rights Campaign and the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley to figure out ways to be more inclusive in our community and to empower a more diverse technology community in our region. We encourage all of our members and community partners to also work to create this kind of rich and vibrant community!